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CARE For Your Shoes

CARE Essential Kit

CARE Essential Kit

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Essential kit includes:


- CARE Shoe cleaner solution 8oz.

- CARE Shoe Whitener 75ML

- CARE Brush

- CARE microfiber towel


Introducing the CARE Essential Kit, your all-in-one solution for shoe care needs. This comprehensive kit features our versatile CARE Shoe Cleaner solution, perfect for effectively cleaning all types of materials from leather to canvas. Say goodbye to stubborn stains and dirt with ease. Additionally, the kit includes a CARE Shoe Whitener, specially designed to restore the vibrant white color on both canvas and leather footwear, reviving their original allure. Accompanied by a CARE Brush for thorough cleaning and a CARE microfiber towel for wiping away excess solution, this kit ensures your shoes stay looking fresh and pristine. Elevate your shoe care routine with the CARE Essential Kit today!


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